Terms and Conditions

The client authorize for valuable consideration, the services of Mystic Jem Studio and all Representative of Mystic Jem Studio. All sessions our conducted within STATE LAW and FEDERAL LAW.

Mystic Jem Studio holds all rights to the photos taken during the session, and may add them to representatives portfolio. No photo or video can be reproduced without the consent.


At date and time of session all money agreed must be paid in full. No exceptions will be made. Deposit made before shoot date is non refundable if client cancels after 48 hours. Date may be changed by either side prior to paid session date.


Client is responsible for all clothing, shoes, and props that bring to the session. The representative is responsible for the studio set, lights, camera, and studio prop, clothing and shoes. 


If either client, guest, or representative get hurt during a session. All care is solely on them and not the studio or other person.

and a copy of the publication given to the studio or representative. Nude photos will remain between the representative and client or model. Neither side may publish them.

Property Release may be required Studio or a Representative at any time.

Copyright of the photo does not expire, and remains with the studio unless otherwise noted.